Dinner for 8

Dinner for 8 is a quarterly event at Christ Church. We hope to create a small-group environment for you to make new friends and keep the old.




What is Dinner for 8 (D48)?

Dinners for Eight is the coordination of 8 people (a mixture of couples and singles) to have dinner together on a set date. It is an opportunity to facilitate the growth of our CCAA community through shared meals together. Our hope is that through these meals, you will meet new friends and foster deeper relationships with fellow members and attendees of CCAA. Each group will meet once a quarter. After all groups have met, we will provide the opportunity to participants to opt in or out of the next round and new dates/groups will be formed for the next quarter/season.

Who can participate?

Any member or visitor of Christ Church Ann Arbor is welcome to participate. Just fill out and submit the Dinner for Eight Sign-Up form by 3pm on Sunday, October 6th to be included in the Fall 2019 round of D48.

Will I know everyone/anyone in my group?

The goal will be to group people that do not already have an existing friendship so that we can all meet new people. Likely, you will recognize everyone at the table, but probably will not already know each person well.

What are the responsibilities of a host?

The host will physically host the group of eight in their home on the specified date. Hosts set the menu for the dinner, but that does not stipulate that the host will prepare the full meal. The host can also facilitate discussion during the meal.

I love to cook, can I host?

YES! We would love for you to host!

I hate cooking. Can I still host?

Absolutely. You can order take-out or suggest a simple menu and all your guests can help contribute to the spread. (Also, see menu ideas at the bottom of this page.)

Can I bring my children?

Initially, we plan to offer the dinners to adults to foster in-depth conversations. However, if there is an interest in a family-oriented gathering, contact Chantal directly and if there is enough interest, we can add a date for families who would like their children to participate. (Of course, infants-in-arms are always welcome.)

Our group really hit it off! Can we have another meal together?

Of course! New groups will be formed once a quarter, but existing groups are welcome to coordinate amongst themselves to find a second date to have dinner together within the quarter (only one date per quarter will be assigned).

Do you have any simple menu ideas?

-Taco bar (guests can sign up to bring toppings for tacos, drinks and dessert)
-Spaghetti (host can make meat sauce/other pasta sauce and guests can sign up to bring salad, bread, drinks and desserts)
-Grill out (host can fire up the grill and guests can sign up to bring meat, side dishes, drinks and dessert)
-BBQ Spread (host can make or pick up pulled pork or other slow-cooked meat and guests can sign up to bring mac n’ cheese, salad, rolls/sandwich buns, coleslaw, potato salad, drinks and dessert)
-Breakfast for Dinner (guests can sign up to bring bacon, sausage, oven-baked french toast, donuts, cinnamon rolls, baked oatmeal/grits, and drinks)

I still have more questions!

Contact Chantal Colquhoun: chantal.colquhoun@gmail.com.

Thank You for Visiting Us.

We hope you can be part of this new initiative!