Christ Church Ann Arbor | Update on Restarting Corporate Worship
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Update on Restarting Corporate Worship

Dear Christ Church Family,

I hope you all continue to be well and blessed in the grace of our Savior Jesus Christ! This is a brief update on our preparations for restarting corporate worship.

One of the guiding principles of church polity in Scripture is that all things be done “decently and in order” (1Cor 14:40). As you know, we’d planned to restart public for worship on May 17th. However, we realized that to do that well, we needed more time to be well prepared.

In light of that, the session voted to move our reopening date to May 31st to allow us to be better organized and prepared in light of the various restrictions and distancing measures we plan to enact. This gives us the extra time we need to close the loop with ministry leaders and volunteers.

In the meantime, I will continue to send a family worship guide on Saturday and live stream a word of exhortation on Sunday at 11:15 AM.

If you are a regular volunteer in the various ministries of Christ Church, you will be contacted in the coming weeks as we continue to prepare and plan.

Finally, I want to emphasize that even though we plan to reopen corporate worship, by no means should you feel that you need to be there if you are not ready to enter the public yet. If you are in the higher risk demographic for COVID-19, we encourage you to continue sheltering in place. While we will do our best to mitigate some of the risks of exposure for those who attend in person, it is impossible to eliminate the risk completely. We plan to continue our live stream of corporate worship.

May Christ be your continued comfort during these difficult times,
Pastor Jeremy
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