Christ Church Ann Arbor | What to Expect
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What to Expect

Whether you are a committed believer, a skeptic, or somewhere in between, you are welcome to join us! Please feel free to participate in worship, or to listen and observe. You can expect to see around 80 people at our services. We have people of all ages (undergrads, graduate students, young professional, working adults, retired, and children).


To get a feel for our services, you can watch past livestreamed services on our Youtube channel.


Our services are intended to capture the richness of Christian history while displaying the continued vitality of the church today. Our services are easy to follow and everything is in the program. You can get a good sense of what this is like by looking at one of our recent programs. Check it out here.


We realize that the format of our worship may not be familiar to you. Our worship is designed to reflect God’s wonderful good news in every part. Worship is a divine dialogue between God and his people. We gather not for a lecture, but rather for an encounter with God. Our service follows a pattern designed to demonstrate the truth of the Gospel and reflect our praise to God. It is a pattern which God’s people have followed for thousands of years. The bolded portions of our worship bulletin are congregational responses to God’s gracious truth. Jesus Christ makes bold claims, and this is a place where you can process those freely and safely.


Worship follows the following pattern:


  • Calling – God invites us to worship him and we respond to his call.
  • Cleansing – We confess our sins together and are reminded that in Christ every one of them is pardoned.
  • Consecration – God uses his Word to build and grow our faith.
  • Communion – God brings his children to his table to affirm his relationship with us.
  • Commission – God sends us out with the blessing of his grace and in the power of his Spirit to live and rest in him.


Our music includes older and newer hymns and worship songs, as well as psalms. View one of our recent livestreamed services on our Youtube channel to get a feel for the music.


We seek to bring God’s word faithfully showing why it is relevant and important in today’s world. You can listen to recent sermons here.


Every week at Christ Church we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. All those who have been baptized and believe in the Triune God, who are members in good standing in any church, and who trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are welcome to partake according to your conscience.


We offer wine (in the clear cups) and grape juice (in the purple cups). Gluten-free bread is available upon request.