Christ Church Ann Arbor | Reformed and gospel centered (PCA)
Christ Church Ann Arbor (PCA) | Service Time at 11:15 AM
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Reasonable Faith

Is it possible for faith and reason to go together? Are academia and the church compatible? Without sacrificing any of the historic truths of the faith, we think that the Christian faith is intellectually stimulating and satisfying. We believe there are good reasons to believe in the Christian faith. We believe that there are good answers to challenging questions. In our preaching and in all of our ministries, we are committed to helping those who are thoughtful about life and the world to get to know the Author of this world.


Many of us are from Ann Arbor and the surrounding area. We are drawn to this church because our lives have been transformed by the Gospel and we want to continue to be transformed. Our members love this city and believe in “seeking the good of the city” in which we live – through ministry of the Word of God, the administration of the sacraments, and church membership.



Many of us are second-generation Americans and internationals, tracing our heritage to Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Hungary, Korea, Lebanon, Scotland, Taiwan, Turkey and the Philippines (our Californians are convinced they, too, are from another country). We are a local church with a global heart and mind. You are welcomed to join us for worship and fellowship.